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Let the Countdown Begin

Countdown? Countdown to what you ask? My BIRTHDAY! Yeah, I know. I’m mumblemumble and I STILL get excited about my birthday! What can I say? I’m still a kid at heart. So there are, not counting today, only 16 days … Continue reading

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Been Long Time Gone…

I think there’s a song title in there somewhere. Anyway, been a long time since I’ve posted and much has changed yet as is the way of the world, much has stayed the same. If you read my last few … Continue reading

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  WINDOWS   If the eyes are the window to the soul, what am I saying? “Look at me,” I yelled. His eyes downcast. “You slept with her didn’t you?” “Of course not! I love you, I’d never do that … Continue reading

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Birthday Dash!

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So I had a birthday recently. Yup, it happened again. Same time as last year. I always find it interesting how some people say things like “I’m not having any more birthdays” or “I’m X years and holding.” I LOVE … Continue reading

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Lonely Dancers

Lonely Dancers Like slow rolling fog, barely perceptible at first Thickening into a pea-soup haze. Like a tornado dropping down out of a tortured sky Flinging debris and detritus here, there, visibility zero. Surrounded. Blind. Sound muted by a thick, … Continue reading

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Video For The Cure

For some strange reason I can’t seem to go edit my previous blogs so while I try to figure that out, I’ll just post the link to the video I took of The Cure playing at ACL here: It’s on … Continue reading

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Images from ACL and The Cure

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  So here’s the pix of the Cure as they played. Pretty frickin awesome if you ask me! Now I’m not even a huge Cure fan but they put on a fantastic show! At the bottom is a picture of … Continue reading

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Austin City Limits Festival 2013 and Other Dashings

Wow, where to begin? It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged and a lot has been going on so before I talk about ACL, let me catch you up on the other stuff going on in my life. I … Continue reading

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Sunday Evening…8:00PM

Sunday evening. Usually, I’d be getting ready for the work week ahead. Checking email, looking at the week’s schedule, seeing what I had on the agenda for the day ahead, that sort of thing. Then after that, I usually retire … Continue reading

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Change Management 101

I thought that I’d change the subject. Literally. And talk a little bit about change management and share with you one of the PowerPoint presentations that I have posted on my site that talks about what Change Management is and … Continue reading

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