Let the Countdown Begin

Countdown? Countdown to what you ask? My BIRTHDAY! Yeah, I know. I’m mumblemumble and I STILL get excited about my birthday! What can I say? I’m still a kid at heart. So there are, not counting today, only 16 days until my birthday!!! YEAH! And – the coolest thing is that this year, my birthday falls on a Friday and my best guy is off on Fridays so we can go to Schlitterbahn together ON my birthday this year! HooRah! (Last year we had to go the day after because although he did try really hard, he wasn’t able to get the day off. But you can read about it here). ¬†We were actually talking about this at Market last Saturday and I think the reason I never work on my birthday is because being born in August, I never had to go to school on my birthday. I think in my entire career, I’ve worked on my birthday ONCE and that was only because we had some Board of Directors meeting in a couple of days or something like that. But I was NOT HAPPY about it.

I, personally, think everyone should take their birthday off. I mean think about it. It’s an important day – to you at least! It’s the day you arrived on this planet! You made your grand entrance! You announced to the world: I AM HERE! (even it if didn’t quite sound like that). Birthdays are for celebrations. Then you have those people who say “Oh, (and they get all puckered lipped at this point) I’m not having any more birthdays!” REALLY???? You planning on dying this year???? Geez, seems a little extreme doncha think? I mean, isn’t having a birthday and getting a year older better than pushing up daisies?

I heard an interesting statistic somewhere. I have no idea if it’s true so bear with me. So if you’re in a group of 30 people, odds are like 70% that someone will have the same birthday as you. Isn’t that fascinating??? I looked it up on Wikipedia to double-check and there were all these equations with integrals on them so I closed the page really quickly before I got so scared I’d have nightmares. Litle squiggly lines bouncing after me all night long and I’m trying to run but I can’t because it’s like I’m caught in quicksand – you know what I’m talking about – don’t lie and say you don’t know that feeling. Ok, maybe the integral sign doesn’t give it to you but you know the feeling.

Ok, whew…What else. OH! I’m taking saxophone lessons! From this dear gentleman named Bear. His real name is Michael S and he’s a kidney patient. He’s waiting for a kidney. But before he can get a new one, he has to lose some weight. Now, everyone sit down. Everyone sitting? I offered him one of mine. Dead serious. Turns out, I’m not a match. BUT…there’s this thing, kinda like a circle. Whereby if (when) I join it, I agree to give someone in his circle my kidney and when I’m a match to them and one of their people agree to give Bear a kidney to him when they are a match to him. So the bigger your circle, the better your chances of getting a kidney. And I decided that I’m going to join it. He’s telling me to hold off until he loses the weight he needs to lose and is actually at the transplant stage but this feeling I have of “this is something I’m supposed to do” isn’t going away. So, I guess I’m supposed to do it. Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, if my remaining kidney goes bad on me, I automatically go straight to the top of the list for a new one, no waiting in line, no nothing. I get the express kidney. Like the very next one that’s a match from anywhere in the world. Well, probably not the world but you get my drift. But I’m really not worried about it. I’m pretty sure that when my kidney goes, the rest of me is going to be going too – massive system shutdown. Gosh that got morbid fast. Didn’t mean to – I meant to be uplifting. It just feels like the right thing to do. I know in my heart that it IS the right thing to do. So, I’m going to do it. And practice more. That I definitely have to do! But I’m getting a little better – little by little.

The 4th of July was very nice this year except for the extremely LAME rendition of the 1612 Overture (? I always get that date wrong). They used KETTLE drums instead of cannons! What kind of lame-ass orchestra is that???? Ugh – is was a huge disappointment. However, the fireworks rocked. And here is the grand finale. Hope you like it. Till next time, remember to dash!

Oh – but before you go, check out the pix below for some cool shots of the fireworks. And these two links. This one is the Grand Finale. And this one is just a cute one about a puppy that I found on FB. I hope it’s still there on YouTube and didn’t get yanked.


















oooohhh DOH! aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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