The Hunt Continues

The hunt for my little Gracie continues.  My housemate and her son saw her earlier this week running across the road.  Shoes (my housemate) yelled “Gracie!” and she stopped dead in her tracks and stared at her then Shoes called to her quietly – but Gracie ran off anyway.

So we continue with the plan of trapping her.  The trap is below my window which she visits every night.  We are training her to go there for food every evening at dark.  Enticing her with tuna.  The plan is to slowly move the bait to the back of the trap and then once she is eating at the back of the trap on a regular basis, activate the trapping mechanism.  Right now the bait is about halfway to the back of the trap.  It’s my hope that by the time I come back from my Conference that I’m leaving for mid-week this week, Shoes will have been able to move the bait all the way to the back of the trap.  And then I’ll wait a couple of days to make sure that Gracie is eating at the back and activate the trapping mechanism and then I’ll have her.

I’m truly blessed to have such a good friend to help me with all of this and to support me emotionally as well during my time of emotional distress. The picture of us below was taken back in September of 2013 when we went to Schlitterbahn for her birthday.  It was an “all-expenses paid trip” to the theme park for her and she and I had a great time.  We plan on going back this August for my birthday and we’ll have a great time then as well.  In the meantime though, she’s doing all she can to help me get my little girl back. She’s been baiting the trap when I’ve had to be in San Antonio for work and bringing in the smelly tuna every morning to help train Gracie that the food will be there in the evenings only.  Being predictable and consistent is important in making this plan work and Shoes has been a HUGE help in making that happen.  I couldn’t have done this without her, I just couldn’t have.  So thank you my friend – this post is for you. And, of course for my little girl Gracie.  C’mon home Stinkerdoo, it’s time.


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